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What do I do with my old scrap tires ?
If you have a couple of old tires you need to dispose of :

Call/Contact Your Local Municipality / City / Town Regional Solid Waste Dept. or Recycling Dept to see what they advise you to do with the tires.

Contact a local tire shop to see if they can take them for disposal - and is there a fee for this ?

Find a local recycler that does Scrap Tire Collection

If you have a large stockpile of scrap tires
If you generate ongoing quantities of scrap tires
Submit your inquiry to the Scrap Tire Exchange.

Scrap Tire Recycling

If you wish to explore the tire recycling business check-out the
Tire Recycling Market Guide

Tire Recycling Market Guide

Scrap Tires
Scrap Tire Disposal

Recycle Your Tires

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