The Crumb Rubber Universal Marketing Bureau (C.R.U.M.B.) was established
to promote and fascilitate trade in the Crumb Rubber Industry.
Crumb Rubber is a product derived from the process of granulating rubber tires.
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Arab Rubber Expo 2019 Arab Rubber Expo 2019
Oct 09, 2019 to Oct 10, 2019
Location : Sharjah Expo Center
Sharjah Sharjah United Arab Emirates
Hosted By : TechnoBiz Communications Co., Ltd
Website : Click Here for More Information
Details : New Rubber Raw Material and Additives ; Curing and Vulcanization of Rubber ; Mixing and Compounding ; Rubber Reinforcement ; Nano Composites ; Extrusion & Calendaring ; Rubber Mold Design and Molding of Rubber ; Rubber Bonding ; Rubber Testing and Rheology ; Tire Technology ; Recycling of Rubber & Tyres ; Latex Dipped Products Technology ; Industry Regulations
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CRUMB Rubber Universal Marketing Bureau (C.R.U.M.B.)
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