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What do I do with my old scrap tires ?

Tire Recycling Market Guide

The Tire Recycling Market Guide is focused on tire recycling fundamentals from an economic standpoint or market basis.

Rubber Recycling Reports

The Rubber Recycling Reports have been created as a tool to track the current price and market trends for groupings of secondary commodities. The reports are available online with an email alert option and subscriptions are on an annual basis.

The Quarterly Reports display daily prices and trend graphs for the 3 month period indicated.

Please submit your buy or sell inquiries to the Tire Recycling Exchange.

Tire Recycling Market Guide $ 1,250

Weekly Commodity Report Name
(click on individual reports for details)
Scrap Tire Weekly $129
Used Tire Weekly $129
Tire Casing Weekly $129
Reclaimed Tire Parts Weekly $129
Shredded Tire Weekly $129
CRUMB Rubber Weekly $129
Scrap Tube & Bladder Weekly $129
Rubber Scrap Weekly $129

Historical Price Reports
(click on individual reports for details)
Report Fee
CRUMB Quarterly - 1st Quarter 2010 $15
CRUMB Quarterly - 2nd Quarter 2010 $15

File No: 40361

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