The Crumb Rubber Universal Marketing Bureau (C.R.U.M.B.) was established
to promote and fascilitate trade in the Crumb Rubber Industry.
Crumb Rubber is a product derived from the process of granulating rubber tires.
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Borcol Industria de Borracha Ltda. in C.R.U.M.B.

Borcol Industria de Borracha Ltda.
Granulated Tire, Regenerated Rubber, Rubber Car Mats, Rubber Platforms, Ergonomic Rubber Mats,Home Utility Mats. Borcol is the largest manufacturer of rubber car mats in Latin America, since 1959, with high quality control and sophisticated laboratory.

Borcol Industria de Borracha Ltda.
Sorocaba SP

Contact : Maria Elisa Castilho
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CRUMB Rubber Universal Marketing Bureau (C.R.U.M.B.)
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